What the Royals’ UK Favorite Luxury Replica Watches Say About Them

Queen Elizabeth is never seen without a handbag tucked neatly under her arm–or a beautiful gold timepiece on her wrist. A true replca watch aficionado, the Queen even insisted on wearing a timepiece at her coronation in 1953. Knowing she couldn’t be caught checking the time on this all-important occasion, the Queen wisely chose a jeweled Jaeger-LeCoultre bracelet watch with a concealed dial. Her horological prowess didn’t go unnoticed among her family members, who have strategically chosen watches to make subtle—and sometimes not so subtle—statements.
Prince Harry’s Rolex Explorer II

Prince Harry’s black dial Rolex Explorer II fake watch preference is, not surprisingly, more rebellious than the rest of the family’s choices. Once he became part of the Army Air Corps, he acquired a copy Rolex Explorer II timepiece with a GMT function, a chunky stainless steel model with features useful for pilots. The royal also possesses a bold Breitling Aerospace Advantage, a special-edition watch that is available to a certain class of pilots who have completed combat missions.
Prince William’s Omega Seamaster Professional

Prince William almost exclusively wears his steel bracelet replica Omega Seamaster Professional, and for good reason. It was gift from his mother, Princess Diana, which he wore on his wedding day and nearly every day since. The future king could certainly afford a gold timepiece, but he chooses the classic Quartz 300M in stainless steel with a blue dial for its obvious sentimental value