Elvis Presley With His UK Gold Rolex King Midas 9360 Replica Watch

Elvis Presley was known as the “King of Rock”. He was not only the idol in fashion industry, but also the loyal watch fan. He owned many significant watches and there would always be a perfect fake watch accompanying him at formal occasions. Today’s model is a gold Rolex he collected.

Elvis Presley has collected this expensive King Midas.
Precious Fake Rolex King Midas

The distinctive Rolex imitation watch particularly presents his role and charm of the era of 1970s. Only 1000 pieces were manufactured. At that time, this gold Rolex was the most expensive watch of the watch brand.

The special Rolex was only launched 1000 pieces.
Gold Bracelet Copy Rolex

The expensive King Midas was given on Houston Astrodome Livestock Show and the back was engraved with “ToElvis Presley From The Houston Livestock Show Officers 1970.” In fact, the Rolex Day-Date was sold at 3,300 dollars and King Midas was sold at 5,500 dollars.