Distinctive Space Watches UK – Fake Omega Speedmaster X-33

Almost every watch fan knows the story of Speedmaster. The Speedmaster Professional moon watches are the most famous space watches. Since then, Omega released new versions, special editions, anniversary editions or similar editions of the Speedmaster collection almost every year. NASA and ESA always make the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Professional as their designated mechanical timekeepers.

The quartz Omega X-33 provides multiple functions.
Black Fabric Strap Replica Omega

But in 1990s, many people thought that traditional chronographs were out of the date and they hadn’t been the best tools. In response to this demand, the special Omega Speedmaster X-33 was launched on March 28 of 1998. Omega called it as “Marswatch”. Unlike the original Moonwatch, the Omega copy with titanium case is aiming to make up for the lack of quartz and digital technology in earlier Speedmaster models.

The special timepieces are especially designed for astronauts.
Fake Omega Speedmaster X-33 With Quartz Movement

The 45 mm imitation watch is a quartz watch with digital display, which provides various practical and complex functions for astronauts. X-33 is attractive to all the watch collectors. Made by the titanium, the watches are very light and offering greater resistance to the allergy.