Cool Black-Out UK Rolex Milgauss Replica Watches Online For Sale

We have written about several businesses that offer this service – Artisans de Genève, Blaken, Titan, and Project X Designs, among others, are all known modifiers of cheap fake Rolex watches – born from a desire to make a mass-produced watch a little more custom and unique (or at the very least uncommon). Here are five celebrities who have bet their Big Crown Milgauss on black. Thanks to Nick Gould – @niccoloy – for his help in spotting some of these.
Anthony Kiedis
Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis brings a different take on the orange second hand copy Rolex Milgauss to the table. Like the previous two, the watch has been treated with a DLC or PVD coating, but in this instance the watch has a carbon fibre-like texture or aesthetic to the case and bracelet. When you zoom in on the picture above you notice the faint etched patterns throughout the metal, creating the rugged look befitting of a rockstar. His Milgauss also has had the orange lighting seconds hand swapped out in favour of an almost neon green version of the hand.

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum is known for his charming quirkiness. He is a man incapable of following trends — he is far more comfortable setting them. It makes perfect sense that Jeff avoids run-of-the-mill Rolexes in his collection. Like many celebrities on this list, Jeff opted for a blacked-out Rolex Milgauss replica watch. While you may have expected more of a peacock piece on his wrist, the watch pairs with the sex symbol side of his persona. Which, obviously, is wildly on show here.

Conan O’Brien
Seeing a trend here? I know, I know – another blacked-out Rolex Milgauss. Definitely one of his more favoured watches, Conan is repeatedly spotted wearing this watch during tapings of his late-night talk shows. It is clear the Rolex Milgauss copy with Swiss movement is a watch celebrities and professionals can count on, with the black PVD or DLC treatment providing a dash of Hollywood flair to the venerated reference.